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Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women
The Anti-Trafficking Review is an academic journal that promotes a human rights based approach to anti-trafficking. It explores trafficking in its broader context including gender analyses and intersections with labour and migrant rights. The Review offers an outlet and space for dialogue between academics, practitioners and advocates seeking to communicate new ideas and findings to those working for and with trafficked persons.
Focus on Labour Exploitation (FLEX)
Focus on Labour Exploitation (FLEX) aims to improve national and international responses to trafficking for labour exploitation in all sectors. FLEX does this by filling the gap between trafficking law and policy and implementation, by conducting rigorous research and analysis of responses to trafficking for labour exploitation, and advocating for evidence-based reform.
Empower Foundation
Empower Foundation is a sex worker organization promoting rights and opportunities for sex workers in Thailand regardless of their country of origin. Sex workers in Thailand face wide spread human rights abuses by both State and non-state actors. These abuses include labor exploitation, extortion and denial of protection under the law. Migrant sex workers have no access to legal documentation in Thailand so are doubly criminalized and stigmatized. They face arbitrary arrest detention and deportation. These injustices mean sex workers cannot assert basic human rights such as access to justice, education; health care and safe fair working conditions.