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Summary of Online Discussion - Fair recruitment, how can we make it work?

— theme: Employers and business, Forced Labour: Private economy, Human trafficking, Law enforcement and prosecution, Recruitment
— country: Global, ASEAN, Asia, Pacific
— type: Consolidated Replies

From 27 of November to the 4th of December 2014, The AP‐Forced Labour Net invites participants to share experiences on recruitment and its links to exploitation. This online discussion is part of a follow‐up to a tripartite meeting that was organized by the ILO and UNODC in Bangkok, Thailand from November 18th to 19th. More specifically, the discussions were focused on: - National, bilateral and multilateral challenges in regulating, monitoring and enforcing regulations on private employment agencies; - Innovative approaches to the regulation of recruitment and understand their preventive role in combating human trafficking practices and migrant exploitation; - Recent evidence on the nexus between national regulation models and its impact on business practices in the recruitment industry; as well as - Appropriate and effective criminal and labour justice responses in combating abusive practices of recruitment agencies in the context of trafficking in persons and related crimes against migrants.

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