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From rights to duties in protecting people against forced labour: Some observations from Myanmar and the ILC Forced Labour Committee

created Aug 27, 2014 11:55 AM

By Piyamal Pichaiwongse, Deputy Liaison Officer, ILO Yangon, 27 August 2014

Until recently, the main types of forced or compulsory labour encountered in Myanmar were traditional forms of forced labour imposed by the Government and its different organs, left behind in the country as a legacy of colonization. For a person with years of experience in addressing forced labour in this unique Myanmar context, being invited to take part as one of the experts in the Forced Labour Committee at the 2014 International Labour Conference (ILC) was an interesting experience. The task of this Committee was to consider new legal instruments to address modern forms of forced labour, and this focus gave rise to many lively debates among the Committee members. One of the questions debated was: Who has the primary duty to prevent and address forced labour in its modern forms? Or in other words, what are the responsibilities of governments and business in eradicating the problem?


To me personally, ...

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